Digital bureaucratization of higher education

Nowadays, it is only possible to think that a higher-education teacher could teach and research by opening a computer and connecting to the digital sphere. Historically, however, this is a recent phenomenon. Computer users communicated via a mainframe computer (IBM Administrative Terminal System) for the first time in 1962 and sent the first e-mail aContinue reading “Digital bureaucratization of higher education”

How to change university with words? Or towards the shopping center university

Many university teachers and scholars are confused about the radical changes in their workplaces in Finland and elsewhere. Salary cuts, lay-offs, dropping teacher-student ratios, new digital systems after another, and fewer staff members keeping the ball rolling. Unfortunately, there is more to come. The universities are, as we older folks knew them – if notContinue reading “How to change university with words? Or towards the shopping center university”

Pimp your university

In recent decades university scholars have been introduced to a new language game, the language of capitalist markets, as part of neoliberal university doctrine, intensified by a pandemic shock doctrine, the transfer of teaching to an online format rapidly and on a massive scale. Neoliberal university doctrine and pandemic shock doctrine represent the neoliberal ideologyContinue reading “Pimp your university”